What is an Insider?

Our tenants are Insiders, not just renters. They are part of our community. We’re constantly working on creating opportunities for our Insiders to connect and build meaningful relationships.

At InsideOut it’s all about building a labyrinth of interdependent success stories that inspire one another, and the world at large. The stories of our Insiders are our greatest asset – their success is what sets us apart.

Our Insiders

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C8 | Rockfields Precinct

For more info contact Isane Swarts on 082 586 4140


B19 | Rockfields Precinct

I Run Store

B5 | Rockfields Precinct

Innovation Laser Clinic

B20 | Rockfields Precinct

"If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"

Innovation Laser Clinic inspires transformation from the inside out by creating a space to flourish in your own skin.

Kago Development

B15 | Rockfields Precinct

"Business is nothing without relationships"

Kago Developments seamlessly transforms concepts into vibrant realities.

Laminin Graphics

D1 | Rockfields Precinct

"Being content, in itself, is great wealth"

Lifespine Chiropractic

B1 | Rockfields Precinct

"Chiropractic no makes you feel better, even more important, it makes you heal better. The greatest wealth is health"

A serving approach and hands-on focus. Lifespine Chiropractic reminds us all that every customer is unique.

Parkas South Africa

D3 | Rockfields Precinct

Parkas are local visionaries that celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and style.

Plato Coffee

D5 | Rockfields Precinct

"You can't use up creativity"

Reset Zone

C1 | Rockfields Precinct

"Remember: Every situation encourages transformation"

Sable Energy

B23 | Rockfields Precinct

"Our main thing is helping others before we help ourselves"

We acknowledge Sable Energy's efficiency and passion in preserving the future.

Silver Rabbit

B11 | Rockfields Precinct

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep"

Silver Rabbit sees with the eyes what can only be imagined in the mind.

The Look

B7 | Rockfields Precinct

For more info contact Charlize Pretorius on 072 459 3949

Unique Flooring

D4 | Rockfields Precinct

"Keep going, keep growing"

UNTAMED Creative Society

C7 | Rockfields Precinct

"Against all odd, purpose will prevail"

Untamed becomes the resounding voice of others, speaking authentically on their behalf.

Wine Down

B3 | Rockfields Precinct

"Savour the pairing of exquisite food & boutique wine"

WineDown's love for people and wine unveils the pathway to connection and belonging.

Yard 1000

C3 | Rockfields Precinct

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see" - Arthur Schopenhauer

Yard1000's unwavering dedication to precision and excellence inspires us to aim higher and achieve greatness.